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You have certainly noticed that our website has a logo where it says Partner24ORE Avvocati, brand of “Il Sole 24 Ore”.

The attribution of the logo, of the Group headed by the famous ConfIndustria newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore, is due to the certification of some members of the firm in specific and specific areas of intervention and legal advice.
This was possible because three members of the study underwent the certification process carried out by 4cLegal.
4cLegal, after an examination of the most important information relating to the professional and his professional history, mostly relating to the tasks carried out, the skills specifically acquired and the qualifications and certifications acquired previously, were found to be suitable for obtaining the expertise, i.e. 4cLegal certification of absolute competence and experience, in one or more branches of law.
A qualifying aspect of the 4cLegal certification procedure concerns the so-called “track records”, that is, the tasks carried out by the professional in the areas of his competence.
In order to be accredited as an expert in a given subject, the professional must describe a certain number of tasks carried out in the last period and obtain, through a digital procedure designed by 4cLegal, a confirmation from the client (in which the professional’s client declares to to have been assisted by him and to be satisfied with the service received).

The components of RennaStudioLegale certified 4cLegal and, therefore, which allow to qualify the entire studio as Partner24Ore, are:

Attorney Vincent Candido Renna , founder of the eponymous studio partner, who sees accredited skills such as compliance and risk mapping and Anti-Corruption, Compliance and organizational models pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01, in addition to the branch of Administrative Law with particular attention to public procurement; ( https://partner24oreavvocati.ilsole24ore.com/professional-partner/avv-vincenzo-candido-renna/ )


Partner24Ore Lawyers IlSole24Ore 4cLegalThe lawyer Riccardo Renna , founding partner with his brother Vincenzo of the associated firm RennaStudioLegale, who has accredited skills in the field of commercial practice contracts, contracts for the supply of goods (sale – loan – subcontracting – leasing), service contracts (consultancy contract engineering work contract), Civil Liability and Causes of Liability in Business Relations and Damages; ( https://partner24oreavvocati.ilsole24ore.com/professional-partner/avv-riccardo-renna/ )


Attorney Valeria Negre , associate professional of RennaStudioLegale, with accredited expertise on labor law, subordinate employment and related judicial issues. ( https://partner24oreavvocati.ilsole24ore.com/professional-partner/avv-valeria-negre/ )

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